Worlds of imagination await!

It Gets Darker As You Go - Short story anthology.

May 25, 2017 / ISBN 978-1-5465223-5-5 / 168 pages
Genres: Paranormal/Horror/Ghosts/Urban Fantasy/LGBT/Fiction
Fracture: Divergence by Erik Schubach
There’s nothing to fear…

This anthology features paranormal stories by the award-winning authors of the Spokane Fiction Writer’s Group.

Erik Schubach
O.C. Calhoun
L.P. Masters
Lorna M. Hartman
David Jewett
Jerry Schellhammer
Patti L. Dikes
Charles R. Oliver
and R.N. Vick

As you journey into the new realities held within this anthology, you will encounter the snaggle-toothed monster under the bed. Meet a sweet, cookie-baking grandma, and discover a ghost who may not be as scary as he seems.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking there is nothing to fear because…

It gets darker as you go.
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