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International bestselling author.Welcome to the Erik Schubach, international bestselling author page. Here, you can find information about all the books and series written by me. As well as new release announcements. Feel free to contact me here or on Facebook or Twitter with any questions you may have about my books or characters. My imaginary platypus, Frank, wants me to let you know that you can use this site as your checklist.

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Serieses by Erik Schubach
Music of the Soul
MOTS Shorts
London Harmony
The Pike

The Bridge
Fixit Adventures
The Hollow
New Sentinels
The Paranormals
The Techromancy Scrolls
Urban Fairytales
Valkyrie Chronicles

Short Stories

Newest eBook releases!
No Place Like Home (Urban Fairytales book 9) - 12-28-2017
Case of the Collie Flour (Unleashed book 1) - 11-18-2017
Westlands (Techromancy Scrolls book 4) - 10-24-2017
Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Short Story) - 10-07-2017
MUB (Short Story) - 09-20-2017
Open Seas: Just Add Water (New Sentinels book 4) - 08-27-2017
Flotilla: The Temp (Flotilla book 3) - 17/26/2017
Fate: No Strings Attached (New Sentinels book 3) - 06/23/2017
Newest audioBook releases!
Ella: Cinders and Ash (Urban Fairytales book 3) - 11-15-2017
Open Seas: Just Add Water (New Sentinels book 4) - 10-20-2017
Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness (New Sentinels book 2) - 08-25-2017
Syncopated Rhythm (Music of the Soul book 8) - 07-25-2017

Keep watching this page for announcements of new book releases, series, and new worlds of imagination as I expand into new realms of possibility. And as always, remember that your scars make you beautiful!

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