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(Valkyrie Chronicles: Book 2)

September 20, 2013 / ISBN 978-0-9889998-7-9 / 211 pages
Genres: SciFi/Urban Fantasy/Romance/LGBT/Lesbian Romance/Fiction
Valkyrie Chronicles: Bloodlines by Erik Schubach
An best selling book.When a weakness of Valkyrie sight is uncovered, Kara, Kate and an unlikely ally, must race against time to stop a saboteur before Valhalla falls.

Arina copes with being a new type of Valkyrie and defies Odin while reminding the ruling caste what the ideals of the Asgard are and what they should all aspire to be. She must help a young Ragnarok, who was sent to die at the gates of Valhalla, to learn the truth about the Asgard and her own people.

Old enemies and lost friends weave a web that could spell the end for one of Odin's own.
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